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Blog Advertisers

As an advertiser, you already know the benefits of disclosure. Magazines, television and radio all have standard practices regarding disclosure, identifying advertisements and other promotional considerations included in content. The audience is able to identify advertisers and this transparency allows the audience to trust the media source.

DisclosurePolicy.org is designed to provide that same level of transparency for the blogosphere. We provide a standard disclosure mechanism for bloggers to identify their influences and create a trusted relationship with their readers.

If you are an advertiser looking to create some buzz around your product or service in the blogosphere, encourage the bloggers participating to adopt a disclosure policy. The bloggers' credibility will remain intact, bringing more readers to their posts over time and your company's reputation will remain untarnished of allegations of covert marketing. Everyone wins.

Direct your bloggers to visit disclosurepolicy.org today and help set the right tone for advertising on the Internet for years to come.

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